Danny Green talks about his shooting problems

Danny Green talks about his shooting problems

Danny Green is regarded as a prototypical 3-and-D player in the Raptors, but last was nothing to be seen of the “3” – in the Conference Finals the designated sniper scored hardly a three. Therefore, before the duel with the Warriors in Canada, a lot of looks are on Green, who is the only Raptor next to Kawhi Leonard and Patrick McCaw with an NBA title in the trophy cabinet.

Green himself also talked about his shooting problems on Monday: “I just have to keep shooting,” said Green. “Do not think about it, and that’s not easy, because the whole world is telling me not to think about it and throw it away, people are sending me messages saying, ‘Do not think about it.’ But I know that.”

Green hit only 4 of his 23 shots from the three-point line (15.3 percent) against the Bucks. In the regular season, he had hit 45.5 percent of Downtown.

“I just have to keep shooting,” repeated Green. “Do not think about it and hide all the sounds from the media, my mailbox and everything else, I had some good looks, I just have to meet them.”

Kyle Lowry was optimistic that his backcourt colleague would shoot again a lot better in the finals. “It’s going to be a new series for Danny,” said the Point Guard. “The other series is over now, and it does not matter anymore, the important thing is that we’ve found ways to win games, that’s what Danny will do, he’ll be ready for Game 1.”

If the Raptors want to achieve, what many people think is impossible, to beat the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals, they’ll need his regular season shooting performance, he would need to be the “old” Danny Green especially because they are playing against the team, which has Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson.