Danny Green and Jeremy Lin remember the worst parts of playing for a D-League (G-league) team

Danny Green and Jeremy Lin remember the worst parts of playing for a D-League (G-league) team

Both Jeremy Lin and Danny Green spent some time in the G-League before they made their way into the NBA. Now, their both teammates on a team that is competing for a championship and things are looking much better than they were many years ago when they weren’t guaranteed a spot on a team.

They joined the show “Inside the Green Room” where above many other topics discussed and shared more insight on how it is playing for a G-League team and how poor the conditions were for players back in the day, if you’re not in the NBA.

Jeremy Lin said the worst thing about the whole experience was the travelling in combination with the lack of equipment where they literally had to practice in whatever they were wearing on the plane.

It was tough because at that time it wasn’t nice like it is now. You’re talking about 11 hours bus rides, bringing your own gear sometimes. We had situations where we had three flights and a 2-hour bus ride. When we got there we were supposed to practice at whatever we were wearing on the plane. So the guys were in shoes that were totally not ok to play in an extremely dangerous. And there were other times when our practices were pushed back for 30 minutes or more and it was because the 7th-grade volleyball team wants the court for more time. I had no pride left after that. I’ve seen so many things that now when you get to the NBA and we’re like divas and everybody is treating us well.

On the other hand, Danny Green believes the teams weren’t serious because it seemed anybody could tryout and there were guys coming in for practice that definitely didn’t look like basketball players.

I do recall we had tryouts where we would pick up random guys from the street. We really had some guys that were found on the street and they were trying out and he literally looked like he was on the bloke 5 minutes ago. And now he is on our team and his job was to foul me on practice. And I’m thinking if that is really how they operate, can anybody tryout and join the team.