D’Angelo detained for marijuana possession

D’Angelo detained for marijuana possession

As if Steven A. didn’t tell athletes a thousand times. STAY OFF THE WEED!!!! Guess D’Angelo does not watch first take. 

In a baggage check at LaGuardia airport, D’Angelo Russell was detained for possession of marijuana. As a TSA spokesperson told Newsday, the marijuana was found inside a hidden compartment of an AriZona Iced Tea can that was in Russell’s possession

The Brooklyn Nets have released a statement they are gathering more information. Marijuana use is not taboo anymore, even David Stern changed his position and said he believes it should be legal and allowed for personal use in the NBA. Yet, this is not a good look for D’Angelo.

His greatest flaw are his off court actions. He was still a teenager when he made the Nick Young video and was deemed childish in LA. He has come a long way after that, with his game and his off court actions, but you don’t won’t something like this before a summer in which your organisation will make major decisions that will set the general course of the franchise.

Let’s not forget he is a restricted free agent this summer. If nothing else, teams will use whatever they can to drive the price down and his agent can’t be happy this happened before such an important summer. 

Under current NBA rules, a player who violates the league’s marijuana policy enters a “marijuana program” upon first violation, can be fined $25,000 upon second violation and can be suspended five games upon a third violation.

This is not very serious, but it is telling.