Damian Lillard shares why he would choose Kevin Durant instead of LeBron in a pick-up game

Damian Lillard shares why he would choose Kevin Durant instead of LeBron in a pick-up game

Damian Lillard went on the Dan Patrick Show, where he talked about the current NBA season, where he ranks himself among the best point guards and shooters in NBA history, and what he thinks who is the best player in the NBA. In addition, Lillard was asked about an imaginative pick-up game and who is the one player he would choose out of all the available current NBA players. It didn’t take long for Lillard to come up with the name, and for him, that player is Kevin Durant.

Dan Patrick asked Lillard about LeBron James, who is still considered the best player in the NBA, but Lillard went on to say what makes Durant unique and pretty much unstoppable when healthy. Durant is one of the most versatile pure scorers not just in the league today but in entire NBA history. Lillard said Durant could hurt you in so many ways because of the combination of size, skill, and shooting ability.

I’m showing up with Kevin Durant, and I think that is pretty easy. When healthy, I think he and LeBron are right there. KD, when healthy, could well be the best player in the NBA. Nobody can guard him. If he is healthy, he is shooting threes off the dribble, pulling off the dribble, posting up, getting to the rim. You can’t block his shot. The way he handles the ball, the way he moves at that size. Who are you going to put on him? When healthy at this moment, he could be the best player in the league.

Damian Lillard, via Dan Patrick Show

Many question marks were surrounding Durant coming into this season because of his past injury, but he soon proved he is still one of the best players in the league. Durant is having one of the best seasons in recent years averaging 28 points, 7 rebounds, and 5 assists per game, shooting exceptionally well from the field. Even though Durant is often criticized because of his off-court antics, there is no question he is a force to be reckoned with on the court with his versatility and multiple ways he could hurt you offensively. Lillard knows that better than anyone, and that is why he has so much respect for Durant’s skill set and what he brings to the game.