Damian Lillard saves a fan’s house

Damian Lillard saves a fan’s house

Damian Lillard has shown up in the clutch once again – and not only on the basketball court this time. His Blazers managed to secure the 6th seed and a playoff spot by beating the Denver Nuggets 132-116, with Dame scoring 31 points alongside 10 assists. But for one fan Dame managed to keep his promise and get the Blazers to 42 wins on the season, helping him keep his house.

Back on April 18th, a Twitter user named @LordTreeSap approached Lillard, saying he needs the Blazers to get to 42 wins or he is going homeless otherwise. Even though he was shooting for the stars, Dame responded and took on the challenge.

Things weren’t looking too pretty for the Blazers and the fan, as the goal seemed unlikely with the Blazers struggling, having a 32-28 record just a week later. But things turned around quickly, as Dame and the Blazers got hot, winning 10 of their 12 last games, ending the season with a 42-30 record, capped off by their win versus Denver last night.

The fan and the Blazers Twitter account shared their reactions:

The Blazers have had a turbulent, up-and-down season, but they managed to time their run perfectly, getting hot at the best possible time. They are now locked into a playoff series against the Denver Nuggets. Denver is the slight favorite, but this will be a very tight and long series, especially with Jamal Murray down. If Lillard, McCollum, Nurkic, and the rest manage to stay healthy, the Blazers could be poised for an upset and a battle against any team they face in the Western Conference. Especially if Dame keeps playing with the same intensity and passion he has for the final stretch of the season. Bring on the playoffs, baby!