Damian Lillard, NBA players react to Manny Pacquiao’s loss vs. Yordenis Ugas

Damian Lillard, NBA players react to Manny Pacquiao’s loss vs. Yordenis Ugas

Damian Lillard‘s offseason regiment includes a lot of boxing, so it’s no surprise Dame keeps a close eye on all the legends of the sport. Last night, Manny Pacquiao lost via unanimous decision against Yordenis Ugas. With the future uncertain for the Filipino legend, Dame and other NBA personalities voiced their opinions on the match. 

Dame was among the firsts who tweeted what he thought of the fight between Pacquiao and Ugas. As part of his promotional tour, the Portland Trail Blazers star has been in the Philippines, so he has endeared himself to Filipino fans. Based on his series of tweets, it looks like Lillard was glued to the screen.




Dame Time even retweeted a post from Teddy Atlas and Andre Ward, which seem to echo his opinions on the outcome – Ugas won the fight.




Mychal Thompson, Klay Thompson’s father, also chimed in and voiced his support should Manny run for the highest public position in the Philippines in the coming elections. It’s no secret that Klay is a fan of Pac-Man. Before his fight, the Golden State Warriors star visited him in the Wild Card Gym.


We know the list wouldn’t be complete without Moses Moody’s biggest fan. Controversial commentator and retired NBA player Kendrick Perkins agreed on the outcome of the fight. 



Pacquiao and other NBA players


A lot of NBA players are fans of boxing, and particularly Manny Pacquiao. They often tweet their opinions after his fight. The late great Kobe Bryant posted this on Twitter as he did not believe the Pacquiao vs. Jeff Horn scorecards.



Both Kobe and Pacman had a deal with Nike, and the former was a frequent visitor to the Philippines. But that’s not the only reason the Pacman has such a large NBA following. The Philippines are crazy about basketball, and so is Manny. As much as it was a privilege for NBA players to get to meet a boxing legend, so it was for Manny to spend some time with NBA stars. 


DeMar DeRozan also could not believe that Horn won via decision:


This goes on to show that athletes are fans of other athletes in different sports. Manny, a former playing coach in Philippine Basketball Association, could often be seen playing pickup games, and he’s shown he could be a third member of the Splash Brothers. Maybe a two-way with the Warriors isn’t out of the question. 

However, this time, it seems like NBA players are unanimous in agreeing that Ugas won this fight. He’s shown the courage to take the fight as a replacement for Errol Spence Jr. in only two weeks’ notice. Ugas deserved the victory while it may be time for Pacquiao to hang it up for good. He is 42 years old, and his legacy is already intact in the world of boxing. For NBA players and other fans worldwide, he has nothing left to prove.