Damian Lillard explains why Steph Curry is amongst the best point guards in NBA history

Damian Lillard explains why Steph Curry is amongst the best point guards in NBA history

The point guard position is arguably the most important role for every basketball team, as everything on the court starts from them. You can’t have a good team without a quality point guard leading the team, so there is no surprise that position saw numerous great players in its history.

Traditionally the spot was reserved for players that will focus solely on setting up the offense and distributing the ball without focusing on scoring the ball too much. But that has flipped over drastically in the modern era of basketball, as point guards have become a more common source of explosive scoring, from three-point demons like Steph Curry or Damian Lillard to athletic freaks of nature like Westbrook or Morant.

The competition of all-time point guards is enormous, but who are the best of the best? One of the better point guards of today’s NBA, Damian Lillard, went on The Dan Patrick Show and weighed his opinion on the subject, talking about Steph Curry’s case for being amongst the best:

“Steph has two MVPs, a unanimous MVP, back-to-back titles, three total titles, the resume is there. So I think if you asked 10 people, seven of them or eight of them would probably come back and say Steph is right behind Magic in the way he has changed the game and the excitement with his style of play,”

Damian Lillard, via The Dan Patrick Show

Even though the two are regular opponents on the court, it’s great to see the respect Dame has for Curry, acknowledging the greatness from his rival. It seems everyone in the NBA world has Magic Johnson as the unanimous choice for the best ever, with the debate revolving around the spots behind him, especially after Scott Brooks recently called Russell Westbrook the second-best point guard ever and causing an avalanche of arguments.

Curry was one of the first names to come up in the discussion of modern-era NBA players that have a case for being the best point guard ever after Magic. And with a good reason. Behind all the accolades and three-point records, Steph has managed to achieve something much bigger. He inspired a whole new generation of young kids to have hope, play basketball and be able to make it to the highest level without being a 6’8” athletic phenom. Curry did it with his hard work and inspired numerous young players to work on their craft, focusing on their skillset wherever you are 5’10” or 7’0”. When you combine that with the fact he also revolutionized the game of basketball with his shot-making ability, you can’t help but ranking him at the very top of NBA point guards.