D-Rose grants a wish

D-Rose grants a wish

Make-A-Wish Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps kids with life-threatening medical conditions fulfill their wishes. Whatever they want, being a firefighter for a day, drinking hot chocolate with Santa or meeting their favorite athlete. It’s a fantastic charity (you can learn more about them here), and recently they called the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Hunter Simmons is an 18-year-old from California and is battling leukemia. You’d think a kid from California would be a Kobe, Steph or Blake fan. Not this kid, he is a D-Rose fan. Last night, his wish was granted as he met with D-Rose before the game.

In a short conversation, we got to see Derrick support him and talk about facing adversity. D-Rose is still one of the most popular players in the game despite a long absence due to injury and a complicated way back to competitive basketball, and this meeting shows a lot of why that’s the case.

There’s always gonna be challenges, that’s why I always remember. When you go through life, everything is not going to be perfect. It’s always gonna be a challenge, always gonna be something to overcome. Those struggles, you ain’t going through it by yourself, bro.

You can see D-Rose saying something he had to learn the hard way and what he probably reminds himself of now and then. Great to see him encourage people to do the same. We hope Hunter has a full recovery and gets to visit a few more NBA games.