Cuban: “I thought we had a trade done (for Kobe and Shaq)”

Cuban: “I thought we had a trade done (for Kobe and Shaq)”

Marc Cuban always swings for the fences. The Mavericks owner changed many things about how NBA teams are run ever since he came into the league 20 years ago. The Mavs were never really big on drafting guys and always wanted to be in contention. That’s why they are always willing to trade their picks for top-level talent.

While on Fair Game with Kristine Leahy, Cuban shared a little know trade that almost happened. He was talking to Jerry Buss about Kobe and Shaq and was convinced they had a trade done. The package involved Jason Terry, Josh Howard, and picks. Before they confirmed the deal, Mr. Buss had one last conversation with Kobe and convinced him to stay with the Lakers.

According to Cuban, Shaq still wanted to play for the Mavericks and always told Cuban, “Come and get me.” After Shaq left the Lakers, the Mavs were trying to get him again. Cuban wasn’t sure was it during Shaqs end with Miami or his time at Phoenix, but the idea was the team would buy him out, and the Mavs would sign Shaq for the mid-level exception. As we know, that also did not happen.

As much as we glorify players that play for only one team their whole career, a lot of times, it takes a lot of luck and stars aligned for that to happen. If Kobe doesn’t change his mind, we might’ve had Kobe, Shaq, and Dirk on the Mavs, starting a Big three renaissance.