CP3 TO NYC The Knicks are trying to get Paul to New York

CP3 TO NYC The Knicks are trying to get Paul to New York

Let’s go over basic NBA math. Leon Rose was Chris Paul‘s agent. Leon Rose is now the Knicks GM. This free agency period is the perfect time to trade Chris Paul. The Knicks love to overpay for point guards past their prime.

The Thunder are motivated to deal Paul and his massive contract after deciding upon a rebuilding campaign following Billy Donovan’s firing. Oklahoma City general manager Sam Presti likely will want a first-round pick and a young prospect still on his rookie contract, multiple league officials believe.

According to the source, that young player preferably would be Knox, the ninth pick in the 2018 NBA Draft, who is coming off a disappointing sophomore campaign.

Marc Berman, NY Post

After the Thunder got eliminated, Paul sent out a “thank you for everything” video to OKC fans that looked a lot like saying goodbye. CP3 understands this is the time for the Thunder to move him, and he probably wouldn’t mind moving to a larger market. As well as he played this season, Paul’s contract is still one of the hardest contracts to move into the NBA.

You really need a desperate team to pay him $41 million next year and $44 million in ’21/’22. Moving that contract would be difficult pre-COVID-19, let alone with all the financial uncertainty we are facing nowadays. Obviously, the Knicks fit the description. They desperately need veteran leadership, someone to guide all the young talent they plan to develop in the following years. 

The Knicks have 7 first-round picks in the 4 following drafts, but if there’s something the Thunder don’t need it’s more draft picks. As much as the Knicks would love to send a pick and Ntilikina or Smith Jr. for Paul, that’s not happening. It seems Knox is a deal-breaker for the Thunder. 

If Sam Presti somehow gets a team to send a first-rounder and a young player with upside his way for Chris Paul on this contract, Danny Ainge is losing his status as the best trader in the NBA. 

Oh, by the way. Who was Leon Rose’s biggest client alongside Chris Paul? Carmelo Anthony