Corrections Policy

Basketball Network Ltd. is committed to high ethical standards in publishing, as it is especially depicted in our Ethics policy. Therefore, we believe in telling our readers when an error has been made, the magnitude of the error, and the correct information, as quickly as possible. So, if you believe the content we have published is inaccurate, please contact us via e-mail:

Once verified, we will correct the mistake on the website as soon as possible. Where appropriate, the fact a correction has been made will be noted on the corrected story/article


We point out that the due accuracy required for presenting factual articles, historical pieces, statistical analysis, etc. will not usually be the same as for articles representing author’s opinion, articles questioning and exploring certain phenomena, articles exploring wide-spread rumors or event development. The requirements may even vary within a genre, so the due accuracy required of factual content may differ depending on whether it is, for example, factual entertainment, historical or statistical analysis, news, personal opinion, etc.

Basketball Network values the independence of its authors and gives them the liberty to express their opinions in a professional and non-bias manner. Keeping in mind that the core publishing topic of Basketball Network is the game of basketball, we emphasize that majority of articles will engage in entertainment, game analysis, personal opinions about the industry, game or players, so such articles are not to be interpreted as factual reporting.

However, Basketball Network will not knowingly and materially mislead its audiences. We will not distort known facts, present invented material as fact, or otherwise undermine our audiences’ trust in our content.

Links from Basketball Network websites to those operated by others should normally lead to sites that are credible. Where editorially justified, we may link to external sites which give particular views of a person or organization significant to a current news story, and in such cases we may not be able to guarantee their credibility. The same applies to sponsored links, as well as advertising material, as explained in our Ethics policy, which content does not represent Basketball Network’s publishing authority nor its responsibility.