Collin Sexton remembers getting schooled big time by Tony Parker: ‘ I was mindblown’

Collin Sexton remembers getting schooled big time by Tony Parker: ‘ I was mindblown’

Collin Sexton is one of the most promising and talented young guards in the league and one of the brightest spots on the Cleveland Cavaliers, who are once again struggling to stay relevant after LeBron left. Luckily for them, Sexton is truly a remarkable young athlete who is very intelligent and understands basketball at a much higher level than most of his peers. However, just like every young player, he had his welcome moment in the NBA in which he realized he finally made it to the big boys league after getting schooled by former NBA player Tony Parker.

While making an appearance on the JJ Redick podcast, Sexton talked about the importance of watching a film which is a big part of preparing yourself for the opposing team or a player. In his specific case, he wasn’t ready to face Tony Parker, who was at that time a veteran, playing in his last NBA season and long past his prime. However, Parker was experienced and knew how to get Sexton out of his game.

Sexton remembers getting a few quick fouls early on in the first quarter, which he never experienced before. Of course, Parker started trash-talking him, but that was also a wake-up call for Sexton to put more effort into studying players he is going up against, no matter if they are starters or players coming from the bench.

I think my rookie season is when it all pretty much changed for me because I was playing against Tony Parker, and I think he gave me four fouls in the first quarter. I didn’t know how and I was mindblown because I have never experienced that, and he was like, ‘I got you rook’. I couldn’t do nothing with him, he gave me four fouls, and that is when I realized I gotta make sure I know the tendencies of everyone and realized it’s time to get better. All I see is the back of his shirt, I tried to block him, but it was a foul and one.

Collin Sexton, via JJ Redick Podcast

Parker was probably one of the most underrated guards during his time with the San Antonio Spurs, even though he often had the most accolades while being a part of such a successful team. He was quick, crafty, had a great mid-range game, and unbelievable feel for scoring the ball around the basket. He was a truly underrated player who doesn’t get enough recognition among the NBA fans, even though he was a legitimate scoring machine.

Sexton is actually very similar to Parker in a lot of ways but with a better three-point shot. He could use many things Parker had in his bag of tricks, especially when attacking the basket. Sexton proved he is willing to learn and improve daily even though he has a great season so far, averaging 24 points for the Cavs while appearing in every game. He is only 22 years old with a lot of room for improvement, which will most certainly come his way when you consider his maturity and desire to improve every aspect of his game.