Coach Kidd’s personal visit to Latvia puts Porzingis trade rumors to rest (for now)

Coach Kidd’s personal visit to Latvia puts Porzingis trade rumors to rest (for now)

There’s a lot of expectation for Jason Kidd and the Dallas Mavericks next season. Fans are hoping for roster changes and await the arrival of big names via trade, but Kidd’s recent move proved that a player the fans hope to get rid of is part of long-term plans in Dallas. 

Kidd personally visits Kristaps Porzingis in Latvia

After the Dallas Mavericks entourage consisted of coach Kidd, owner Mark Cuban, executive Michael Finley, general manager Nico Harrison, and special adviser Dirk Nowitzki flew to Slovenia to see Luka Dončić sign his super-max extension, Kidd went to visit the team’s other superstar in Latvia. This move could prove to be a stroke of genius for the new coach in hopes of easing the alleged tensions between Kristaps Porzingis and Dončić.

“I wanted to see where he lived, that is home for him. Beautiful place. We always talk about family. Sometimes we need to show our care factor. I care. I wanted to let him know that I care.”

Jason Kidd, BasketNews

Giving another star almost the same treatment with the team’s superstar speaks highly of how Kidd envisions KP’s role moving forward. The Latvian’s seemingly lacked the interest to get involved on offense and not hustling back on defense during last season’s Playoffs drew the ire of fans that demanded that he’d be traded right away. If Kidd went out of his way to make Porzingis feel like a star, then the only way for the Mavericks is up. A healthy KP and a more motivated Luka could push the team deeper in the playoffs next year. 

Kidd’s failed stint in Milwaukee

Kidd has definitely learned his lesson after his stint as head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks achieved nothing but mediocrity. In addition to limited results, his coaching style didn’t get a lot of positive reviews.

“His (Kidd) coaching style was described as ‘psychological warfare’ by a former Bucks player.”

Jorge Sedano, via The Jump

Those are pretty strong words coming from a former player. If Kidd can reinvent himself in Dallas, he could help bring another title to the city and become a legendary figure for the franchise as a 2-time champion: one as a player and one as a head coach.