Clyde Drexler once thought he was better than Michael Jordan
"I could do everything he could do"

Clyde Drexler once thought he was better than Michael Jordan

Episode 5 of The Last Dance discovered that the ’92 Portland Trail Blazers were more than yet another team on Michael Jordan’s path to his second NBA championship — all because of Clyde Drexler.

At the time, people around the NBA started comparing MJ to the Blazers shooting guard, and as portrayed in the fifth episode of the documentary, Michael took the comparison personally.

If Michael only knew the truth about how Clyde felt about the comparison. Jack McCallum played a snippet of his interview with Drexler after the Dream Team’s run in ’92. By that time, Michael had already beaten Clyde the Glide in the ’92 NBA Finals. And while that in and of itself was enough for people to slow down on the comparison between the two, Drexler didn’t see it like that. Here’s what he said to McCallum about the Jordan tangent.

I was bigger, faster, stronger. I could do everything he could do, except shoot more.

Clyde Drexler, Diversion Podcasts

When it was time to prove he was better than MJ, Drexler failed to meet his standards. He finished the six-game Finals series averaging 24.8/7.8/5.3 on .407/.150/.893 shooting splits. Michael, on the other hand, averaged 35.8/4.8/6.5 — enough to secure the Finals MVP award.

Their head-to-head matchup confirmed what Michael would say about Drexler during one of his interviews with McCallum. And unlike what he said about him during the Last Dance documentary, Jordan showed no respect in this one.

Drexler is a poor man’s Michael Jordan.

Michael Jordan, Diversion Podcasts

Maybe Michael knew about Drexler’s stance on the comparison after all. Judging by how brutal this statement was, it’s clear he’s had enough of it.