Clutch all around

Clutch all around

We had a crazy night in the NBA. Almost every game went down to the wire and we saw buzzer beaters, overtime games and clutch points scored all around the association.

Here are the protagonists of last nights bevy of clutch: Andre Drummond, Victor Oladipo, James Harden, Evan Fournier, Zach LaVine and Allonzo Trier. Outside of Harden and Oladipo going head to head, didn’t really expect I would write about these other guys coming up big in clutch moments. I am sure all of you know (as I did) who Allonzo Trier is, let’s just remind ourselves anyway.

Allonzo Trier is 6’5 shooting guard from Seattle, Washington and after playing for the Arizona Wildcats he went undrafted. The Knicks picked him up and now he is making clutch threes to take a game in overtime. At an early age, he was diagnosed with dyslexia but managed to get into college due to his basketball talent.

In 2009 Trier was featured in a story by Michael Sokolove in the New York Times. Take a moment and read the whole thing, it’s very interesting to see how he was touted to be the next big thing at a sixth grader. Here is a quote from the story:

One of the Web sites that tracks young basketball prospects reports that Trier plays with “style and punch” and “handles the pill” — the ball — “like a yo-yo.” He is a darling of the so-called grass-roots basketball scene and a star on the A.A.U. circuit — which stands for Amateur Athletic Union but whose practices mock traditional definitions of amateurism.

He may not have made the NBA in the way it was projected in 2009, but he did make it anyway and now he is in our highlight reel. Watch all the action from last night!


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Guess we gotta start calling it clutch Mondays

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