CJ McCollum and Skip Bayless get into a Twitter beef over Kawhi

CJ McCollum and Skip Bayless get into a Twitter beef over Kawhi

It seems that now that LeBron James is not in the playoffs, the notorious FS1 analyst Skip Bayless, known for his controversial takes has found his new scapegoat with which he will always manage to find a flaw. The hero of Toronto, Kawhi Leonard.

Last weekend, after the Raptors beat the Bucks in Game 6 and advanced to the NBA Finals led by Kawhi’s 27 points, 17 rebounds and 7 assists, Skip Bayless jumped to Twitter as usually to share his opinion and downplay Kawhi Leonard, or how he refers to him “Number 2”:

The tweet got the attention of Blazers guard CJ McCollum who responded:

Bayless wouldn’t stay quiet, as he decided to respond and use this as a promo for his show on Monday:

McCollum just decided to clown him for the grammatical error in his surname, which was a pretty rookie mistake for a veteran journalist:

Obviously, Skip Bayless is a long-time fan of the San Antonio Spurs and was one of the biggest Kawhi supporters through the years. But after Kawhi forced his way out of San Antonio and was traded to Toronto before this season, Skip just switched his opinion and decided to go as far to never say his name again, but just refer to him by his number.

He explained this morning on Undisputed for the 100thtime how he feels Kawhi betrayed the Spurs and faked his injury last season, just so he could he get shipped out of San Antonio, so that’s why he will never forgive him or give him props for winning with Toronto. Just a classic Skip Bayless publicity stunt.