CHUCK RECALLS THE SNL BACKSTAGE smelling like teen spirit

CHUCK RECALLS THE SNL BACKSTAGE smelling like teen spirit

Saturday Night Live is arguably America’s favorite late comedy night TV show based on sketches that often parody current events, politics, and contemporary culture. The show features the world’s best entertainers and musicians and has a cult following.

Each SNL episode is hosted by a celebrity guest who would traditionally open the show with either a monologue or an act that would reflect on a specific topic, which is why hosting the show is truly a big deal.

So it’s no surprise that the NBA’s brightest TV star, Charles Barkley, has already hosted the show 3 times during his career. Chuck’s TV charisma has turned him into America’s sweetheart, which is exactly why the people behind SNL love having him back time and time again.

Chuck hosting SNL for the very first time in 1993.
with the help of legendary rock band ‘Nirvana’

In a sit-down on the Dan Patrick Show, Chuck reflected on the times he hosted SNL and decided to share a funny anecdote from his first stint as a host. Charles’ SNL debut happened in 1993. alongside the legendary ‘Nirvana’ who according to Brakley gave off a fantastic first impression on him since he was not familiar with their artistry.

Chuck recalled the dressing rooms in the studio being only a few feet apart so being the social guy he was, the door of his dressing room remained opened, unlike ‘Nirvanas’.

“Everytime those guys from ‘Nirvana’ opened their door, I would get a contact high. It was like one of those big mushroom clouds came [through].”

Charles Barkley, Dan Patrick Show

Charles went on to explain how he was scared to go to the airport later because he was afraid TSA might notice the scent of marijuana on his clothes, which is pretty funny if you think about it. Imagine Chuck getting busted by TSA for hanging out with Kurt Cobain and his band.

Moreover, this story prompted Chuck to open up about his experiences with cannabis, as he told Dan the following:

“I’ve only smoked weed like 3 times… 5 times in my life, and all it made me wanna do is eat potato chips…Pot gave me the munchies”

Charles Barkley, Dan Patrick Show

So there you have it, folks, straight from the horse’s mouth – all weed does is make you hungry, which makes us wonder how big could have chuck been if Chuck he became a pothead.