Chuck on the Cavs: “I’m so disgusted by those players, trying to get that man fired”

As we covered yesterday, John Beilein is no longer the head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers. The players couldn’t take practice on Christmas, “long” film sessions, and being talked to without sugarcoating things, and when Beilein realized he didn’t have the support of the organization, they parted ways. Ernie tried to tell Chuck they mutually parted ways, but he was having none of that.

“When white people get fired, they call it “parting ways.” Black people, we get fired.”

Charles Barkley, Inside the NBA

Obviously annoyed, Charles expressed his disappointment in the Cavaliers players. He felt that the veterans on that team showed no leadership in the situation. That’s no surprise when we know Kevin Love wants to get traded, and Tristan Thompson is talked about being a buyout candidate. But, it was the young players that got most of Chuck’s criticism.

“I think the young guys who can’t play, think they’re better than they are. They tried to get that man fired, they got that man fired. … For those players to complain “we’re practicing too hard, we’re watching too much film,” because they stink. I just didn’t think that was fair.”

Charles Barkley, Inside the NBA

Coaches need a different approach when working with players on the college level and in the NBA. Players in the NBA have a lot more power, and they get to use it even when they are wrong. The NBA schedule is a grind, but it is hard to improve if you don’t practice and watch film. If a coach bein mean to you stops you from getting better, you won’t get far in the NBA or on life. 

The “thugs” comment was out of line, and we don’t have to believe Beilein’s explanation fo it. But it is obvious the main problem here was that the definition of “hard work” is quite different in Beilein’s and the players’ dictionary. There’s a general trend of younger players not being as receptive to criticism, and they only want to improve the way they see fit. What can I say, permissive parenting strikes again.

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