Christmas Day games set for 2019-2020 NBA season

Christmas Day games set for 2019-2020 NBA season

NBA has officially announced which games will be played on Christmas day next season.  There will be three games played and those are usually matchups between teams that are contenders for an NBA championship.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski, the most expected matchup will obviously be between the two city rivals, Los Angeles Lakers and the Clippers. This game will most definitely have a playoff-type intensity and it will give the fans a chance to see Kawhi go up against LeBron in a direct matchup between the two best players in the NBA.

New Orleans Pelicans changed their roster quite a bit this summer and will play against the Denver Nuggets, a team that has the same core of young and talented players from last season with a few smaller additions. The fans will be able to see two young teams going against each other, while Pelicans definitely want to get where the Nuggets were the last season.  This will also present a chance for Zion Williamson to showcase his abilities to a much greater audience than usual.

The third game NBA scheduled is between the Boston Celtics and the defending champions Toronto Raptors. Boston lost two key players from the starting lineup in Kyrie Irving and Al Horford but signed Kemba Walker and brought Enes Kanter who can provide solid offense but is known as a very poor defender. Toronto, on the other hand, lost Kawhi and even though the remainder of the team that won the championship is still there, they are definitely not a team capable to win a championship.

The Milwaukee Bucks will face off against the Sixers with both teams making certain changes to their roster while keeping their core team intact. These two teams are probably the biggest favorites to win the eastern conference next season so this game will give us a small glimpse into a potential conference finals series.

The fifth game is scheduled between the Houston Rockets and the Golden State Warriors. Both teams went through a dramatic change this summer, the Warriors lost Durant because of free agency and Klay is injured and will miss the majority of next season. The Rockets acquired Russell Westbrook in a trade that sent Chris Paul to the Thunder. Both of these teams are still considered to be contenders for an NBA championship, however, there are several questions marks in regards to their ability to actually make it past the second round of playoffs next season.