CHRIS PAUL ON HIS RELATIONSHIP with James Harden: ‘We don’t talk or communicate’

CHRIS PAUL ON HIS RELATIONSHIP with James Harden: ‘We don’t talk or communicate’

A playoff matchup between the Houston Rockets and the Oklahoma City Thunder will undoubtedly be an exciting one where we might even see a game seven down the line. It will be an exciting matchup from a basketball perspective because the Rockets were championships contending team from the early start of the season, especially after they acquired Russell Westbrook from OKC.

On the other hand, OKC was a team everybody thought is going into a rebuilding phase, but it seems Chris Paul‘s leadership in combination with young, talented players proved everyone how wrong they were.

There is also the narrative from a business/management perspective after Rockets traded Paul to OKC. It left him pretty surprised because he was promised different things with the Rockets at the beginning of his stint with the team. Westbrook, who is pretty much considered a hero in Oklahoma City and is the best player in their franchise history, was traded to the Rockets after a failed experiment trying to create another dynamic duo with Paul George.

Contrary to popular belief that Paul still holds a grudge against the Rockets and James Harden for not backing him up during those times, Paul discussed his current relationship with Harden and pretty much said he has neutral feelings toward him.

We don’t talk or communicate, but it’s all good & well. I wish him the best. Sometimes you have teammates for a period of time & that’s ok. We wish each other well going forward, it doesn’t mean you have to be kumbayah, and it doesn’t mean you have to be enemies.”

Chris Paul

No matter what kind of disagreement was between them before, players understand that it’s all business at the end of the day, and the fans will have the opportunity to see a great playoff series. The way OKC was playing so far this season under the leadership of Paul was tremendous and they have all the tools to challenge the Rockets and their small-ball philosophy.