Chris Bosh talks about facing Garnett for the first time ‘I got dominated and embarrassed’
I Was Embarrassed

Chris Bosh talks about facing Garnett for the first time ‘I got dominated and embarrassed’

Chris Bosh made a guest appearance on All The Smoke podcast, where he talked about multiple things from his career and the NBA today. Bosh proved once again he is a tremendous and insightful co-speaker with a bunch of amazing stories to tell from his illustrious but somewhat short NBA career. One of the things he talked about was the toughest player he had to go up against when he entered the NBA back in 2003, and for Bosh, there is no doubt that was Kevin Garnett.

Garnett was known around the NBA as one of the most intense players who always intimidated his opponents by playing different mind games. Bosh talked about one of his first encounters with Garnett, who was already one of the NBA’s best players. At that time, he already established himself as one of the vicious trash-talkers in the league who didn’t choose his words wisely when trying to bully other players.

I had to get over it. I had to go to the temple and do some meditation. He got me one time so good in a game, and I had a terrible game. He called me a mama’s boy. Forget all the curse words, and after he called me a mama’s boy my mind was gone. I probably scored 5 points, and I got dominated and embarrassed. I remember I was in my bed and I couldn’t sleep. Ever since that day I said I’m okay and that I’m not a trash-talker.

Chris Bosh, via All The Smoke

Despite the fact, Garnett intimidated Bosh and the way he played the game, and he was one of his favorite players growing up. Bosh tried to pattern his game around everything he saw Garnett do. Because of their similarity in height and the way they were built, that made the most sense. If you watched both of them play, you could easily see why Bosh wanted to emulate everything Garnett was doing, and they were the prototypes of a modern stretch-four that we have in the NBA today.