CHRIS BOSH CONFESSION “It hurt [when Lebron left]”

CHRIS BOSH CONFESSION “It hurt [when Lebron left]”

The early 2010s were marked in NBA history books by a super team formed in South Beach and went on wreak havoc on the entire association.

The same super team would win two NBA championships much thanks to Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh.

The three 03-04 class members took full advantage of the synergy they had created, and so the Miami Heat whooped any team that stood in their way during their 4-year run, as they appeared in the Finals for 4 tears straight.

The ladder of the three, Chris Bosh, an 11x NBA Allstar and future Hall of Fame-er, recently had an interview with Shannon Share in which he expressed his reasoning and how he felt when Lebron James ultimately left Miami.

“We definitely left something on the table. I will always feel like it was an unfinished story. But sometimes the best stories are unfinished. It was a four-year shooting star, and we wanted to continue. I couldn’t imagine if my hometown didn’t like me. At that time, feelings got hurt [but] you have to get over the fact that it is free agency.”

Chris Bosh, “Club Shay Shay”

Bosh explained how the situation seemed even more hurtful because LeBron’s move happened through free agency rather than a trade. This made it seem as if LeBron accomplished his mission in South Beach and was actively looking for a new market.

Hearing all of this you might feel bad about Chris missing his draft class buddy, but you really shouldn’t. We’re sure Bosh would have moved to the Cavs at the end of his career so that he could be with LeBron once more if it weren’t for his health issues.

Shame that never happened, but as you know the two are still good friends so all that starts well ends well.