Chauncey Billups would choose Luka Doncic over Jayson Tatum

Chauncey Billups would choose Luka Doncic over Jayson Tatum

You could definitely say Luka Doncic is already a star in the NBA. The young Slovenian has captured the hearts of many fans around the league, and if you didn’t know he was only 19 years old, you would think he’s been in the league for over a decade based on the maturity of his game.

Doncic is currently averaging 19.5 points to go along with 6.6 rebounds and five assists per game and at the moment he is the biggest candidate to win Rookie of the Year award.

In ESPN’s show “NBA Countdown”, Paul Pierce and Chauncey Billups had to choose between two players, and the choice came down to Luka Doncic or Jayson Tatum. Billups provided an interesting answer to the question and thinks Luka is a better all-around player.

“Luka. This is all right now. It’s a guard’s game. He can not only score, but he can pass and facilitate. I’m going Luka right now.”

It’s definitely worth mentioning the difference in the situation both young stars are currently in with their teams. Luka Doncic is playing on a Dallas Mavericks team which is struggling to make the playoffs this season and at the moment has all the authority on offense. On the other hand, Tatum functions within a well-developed system and the Boston Celtics are competing for a championship even though they are not having the start to the season they expected.

If you put Tatum on this Dallas Mavericks squad maybe he would put up bigger numbers than he is currently with the Boston Celtics.

Nevertheless, both Doncic and Tatum are the future of their respective franchises and NBA and I’m positive there will be a lot of good seasons and games in their career moving forward.