Chauncey Billups dismisses LeBron’s statement that he is the GOAT

Chauncey Billups dismisses LeBron’s statement that he is the GOAT

The never-ending debate about the greatest of all time in the NBA had taken a new turn when LeBron James recently proclaimed himself the GOAT. In one of the episodes on “More Than an Athlete,” LeBron said he deserved to be the GOAT because of his win in the NBA finals back in 2016.

“That one right there made you the greatest player of all time.”

That brought a lot of attention in the media and different social media channels, and of course, a lot of the former NBA players and analysts weighed into the whole conversation.

One of those former players is Chauncey Billups, former NBA champion, Finals MVP, and a player who was never afraid to take the big shot. He was one of the most instrumental parts of Detroit Pistons’ success back in 2004 when they won the finals against the Los Angeles Lakers.

“I love that he [LeBron] has done that [proclaiming himself as the best ever]. He is on Mount Rushmore, but I can’t put him at the top. There is no way I can put him at the top […] Maybe if he had hit that shot that Kyrie [Irving] hit, I could see him saying that […], but I can’t go there, I’m sorry.”

While it’s true that Cavs win over the Warriors after being down 3-1 is a tremendous success, it’s important to stress out the importance of Kyrie Irving, who made some big shots in the crunch time, and some people even had him in the finals MVP conversations.

LeBron is one of the greatest ever to play the game; however, he is still far away from being the GOAT, mainly because he is still writing his story in the league.