Charles Oakley remembers the night when he fought seven guys at once

Charles Oakley remembers the night when he fought seven guys at once

Charles Oakley is one of the most popular “tough guys” in NBA history and a player nobody wanted to mess around during games. He was the ultimate enforcer first on the Chicago Bulls and then later with the New York Knicks, which is where he left his mark. During his lengthy NBA career, Oakley made a name for himself as a great defender and the type of player that will give you 100 percent on a nightly basis.

The reputation of a tough guy that doesn’t back down from any challenge, especially the ones involved in physical altercation followed him wherever he went. In an interview for the Bill Simmons podcast on The Ringer, he talked about several things related to his NBA career and personal life. Still, one specific story he brought up described the situation when he got jumped by seven people at once. The incident happened several years ago in Las Vegas.

“I had two incidents in Vegas. One time I got jumped in the pool by seven guys, five years ago. I fought seven guys, and I knocked three or four down, and the other three, I don’t know where they went. It’s a true story; I was at the pool.”

The crazy thing is that it wasn’t over there because the same group of people wanted the second round with Oakley, thinking they would be luckier than the first time. On the way to his hotel room, they jumped him again, and it was a messy even

Then on the way to my room, they jumped me in the elevator. Seven more came. True story, I broke my wrist. He put me in a holding block downstairs. It was crazy.”