Charles Oakley and Tim Hardaway talk about their favorite all-time starting lineups
Favorite Starting Five

Charles Oakley and Tim Hardaway talk about their favorite all-time starting lineups

Former NBA players Tim Hardaway and Charles Oakley made a guest appearance on the VladTV podcast, where they talked about several things related to the NBA and some other non-basketball topics. It’s always interesting to hear what former players think about the GOAT debate and who they believe are the top five players in NBA history.

For Oakley, his starting five comprises of the following players.

MJ, Magic, LeBron, Tim Duncan and probably Wilt Chamberlain.

Charles Oakley, via VladTV

Interestingly enough, he put Tim Duncan on the power forward and said his other option for that specific spot was Kevin McHale and Karl Malone. However, he believes Duncan was a better all-around player than both of them, saying Malone never made anyone around him better.

I would take Tim over McHale cause he can do more. Pick n roll, he could pass. McHale could post up, but Tim Duncan could block shots, run the floor better. Karl Malone could never make players around him better, so I have to go with Tim Duncan at the power forward.

Charles Oakley, via VladTV

On the other hand, Tim Hardaway had a different view on his favorite starting five, which predominantly includes players from the ’80s and the ’90s. He also made an interesting point saying Kareem was a greater player than Michael Jordan because of his longevity, number of points, and the unstoppable ‘skyhook’ shot, which was unstoppable. We’ve never seen anyone who could execute this move in the same manner as Kareem did during his reign in the NBA.

Kareem, Hakeem, Larry, Mike, and Magic.

You can’t stop the skyhook, and he got 38 thousand points. He’s special. If he could’ve played his freshman year, he would’ve had four championships at UCLA.

Tim Hardaway, via VladTV

You definitely can’t go wrong with either of these selections, and it’s exciting when players share what they think about this topic, especially from NBA greats like Oakley and Hardaway.