Charles Barkley shares why the NBA isn’t fun to watch anymore

Charles Barkley shares why the NBA isn’t fun to watch anymore

The evolution of the NBA and the game of basketball has been evident throughout its history. It’s only natural that the game-style changes with time as players continue to find new ways to be effective and impact the game. 

That has brought us from a slow-paced game, revolved more around defense and trying to get to the rim, to today’s NBA, characterized by its emphasis on a fast-paced, offense-oriented style dominated by three-point shooting. Many fans love it, but like always, you can’t please everybody as the way the game is being played today isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. Just ask Charles Barkley.

Charles shared the opinion of most of the retired players

The revolution of the game and the modern NBA has been evident for some time now, with the three-point shot becoming the most wanted and deadly weapon for all 30 teams in the association. You can attribute that to Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors, who built a real dynasty thanks to their way of playing basketball.

The Warriors’ domination forced all the other teams to adjust to new metta and try beating them at their own game. As time went by, the Warriors slowly fell off, thanks mostly to injuries and KD leaving, while other contending teams caught up and equipped the personnel to be able to play fast and shoot from deep effectively.

That has led to almost every team having that small-ball lineup with five guys on the floor being able to stretch the floor and shoot it. That has obviously boosted the three-point attempts for the whole league and drastically changed the game. Instead of trying to go inside and get the easy two, scoring three has become way more popular and, quite honestly, more important in winning games.

You can say it’s very exciting to watch this style of fast-paced basketball, but there is a fair share of basketball romantics who still like the old-school way of operating from the mid-range or banging down low to get the bucket. Charles Barkley is one of those guys.

While making an appearance on The Dan Patrick Show, Charles got told an interesting stat and what he makes of it. Fifty-seven different players have scored at least 30 points in a game this season. Pretty wild fact, as Charles shared his stance on the current state of the NBA:

“It’s not fun for me to watch the game, to be honest with you, because it’s just a three-point shooting contest. There’s times I’m watching a game. You got a wide-open lane advantage because they’re playing the three, take the ball to the basket. And my biggest problem is, we got guys shooting threes now who can’t shoot.”

Charles Barkley, The Dan Patrick Show

We all know and love Charles for being straight and honest with his opinions, no matter the subject. I can see why he doesn’t like the way the game is being played today, as his game symbolized the complete contrast. A 6’6” power forward known for banging down low and operating from the midrange, dominating the NBA in a whole different way. The three-point shot wasn’t really his forte, shooting 26.6% on only two attempts for his career. No wonder watching a game full of three-point shooting doesn’t excite Barkley too much.

But the great does have a point. Even though it’s fun to see teams put up so many points and guys get hot from deep, a bit more diversity would make the game more interesting. Going to the rack and trying to stuff it down on the break is most definitely more exciting than pulling up from deep. A healthy balance of offense trying to score in various ways will make for the best presentation of basketball possible. Hopefully, that trend catches on soon.