Charles Barkley shares why he started calling Anthony Davis ‘Street Clothes’

Charles Barkley shares why he started calling Anthony Davis ‘Street Clothes’

Charles Barkley is known as someone who is not afraid to say what’s on his mind, sometimes not caring if it perhaps offends certain people. Barkley is not hateful in his commentary but sincere and without any filters, which is rare on live tv. After the last night’s game when the Phoenix Suns blew out the Lakers, everyone on the show Inside the NBA was critical of the Lakers. Shaquille O’Neal said the Lakers played without any pride or a sense of urgency while Barkley made a comment calling Anthony Davis ‘Street Clothes’.

Barkley referred to Davis’s inability to stay healthy and constantly missing game time and, in this specific case, the most critical games in the season.

The Lakers can’t win this series, forget about the championship, they can’t win this series without ‘Street Clothes. I call him Anthony ‘Street Chlothes’ Davis because he is always in street clothes.

Charles Barkley, via NBA on TNT

Even though we all know Davis would do anything he can to help his team, and injuries are not something you can control, the reality is that he missed quite a few games in his career. He had two seasons in which he played 75 games, but he missed a significant time every other season because of various injuries. This season, he missed 36 games, LeBron also missed a few weeks, so the Lakers were 7th in the western conference heading to the playoffs.

It’s still questionable whether he would return in game six, but the most probable answer is he will be ready, but it’s impossible to say at what capacity. LeBron and the rest of the squad will need to have a mindset as if Davis is not playing, and any help he can provide on both ends of the floor is more than welcome.