Charles Barkley guarantees the Bucks will sweep the Heat

Charles Barkley guarantees the Bucks will sweep the Heat

GUARANTEED! The infamous Charles Barkley phrase every team dreads if it involves your team winning, as the beloved TNT analyst is more often wrong than right. So as the Milwaukee Bucks crushed the Miami Heat in Game 2, winning the game by the time halftime came around, “Sir Charles” felt confident predicting this series is over by a landslide:

“Miami can’t beat them. I’m telling you, the addition of Jrue Holiday and PJ Tucker, this is a much better playoff team. Those other teams were built for the regular season. I love Giannis’ movement without the ball… They’re gonna sweep the Miami Heat.”

Charles Barkley, NBA on TNT

His co-worker and rival Shaq, of course, had to cross horns with Barkley and disagree with him, sharing he is convinced the Heat will turn it around and tie the series back in Miami.

“Miami will tie the series. They will not be swept…You know why? There’s gonna be 17 000 fans at the crib when they get back. It’s gonna be cracking in Miami.”

Shaquille O’Neal, NBA on TNT

This series was one of the most exciting matchups heading into the playoffs, as the two teams have history between each other, with the Heat upsetting the Bucks in last year’s playoffs. Game 1 delivered a thriller that went into overtime and ultimately got decided by a Midddelton game-winner. But in Game 2, the Bucks made sure this will be no contest, coming hot out of the gates and sinking the Heat with numerous three-point bombs. As a result, they were ahead 27 points by halftime and cruising towards a 2-0 lead.

The biggest story of the series has been Jimmy Butler and his struggles. Butler has averaged only 13.5 points per game on a combined 8 for 32 shooting from the floor. The Bucks are letting him shoot, and the Heat star hasn’t managed to find a solution, as he will need to pick up his game in Miami. However, the recipe from last season will not work, as the Bucks got much better. They are moving better on offense, Giannis is not as predictable, Jrue Holiday and P.J. Tucker have proved to be valuable additions, as the supporting cast has been on point as well. 

Charles maybe did make a bold statement knowing the Heat culture and Jimmy Butler’s unwillingness to give up. But after seeing the first two games, it is hard to see the Heat stopping the red-hot Bucks. But maybe the home crowd and arena will bring the best out of the Heat and propel them back into this series, just like Shaq said. Hopefully, they make it an exciting series because it’s got the potential to be a good one.