Charles Barkley explains why stationary shooters are hurting the NBA

Charles Barkley explains why stationary shooters are hurting the NBA

The NBA has evolved so that it’s become a shooter oriented league in which there is no longer as much action in the post as it used to be. The majority of the NBA teams run plays and sets that enable their shooters to get more open looks and, mostly from the three-point arc. It’s been like this for almost a decade now, and it seems things won’t change anytime soon regarding what type of playing style teams will have.

Numerous NBA fans are disappointed with how the game is played, saying it’s almost unwatchable at times. Charles Barkey is one of the former players who still can’t get over the fact teams and players are forcing shots, especially three-pointers, under the assumption that came from analytics how that is the best shot you can take in the game. Barkley argues there are too many stationary shooters in the league who have only one job, making shots. He is frustrated because so many players can’t do much in a game than shoot, which makes them very limited.

One thing I think is really hurting the NBA is we got many guys who are stationary shooters. They just stand there. Get the ball, put your head down & make a move. If you just stand there, you’re easy to guard. Man, work on your game, learn to dribble. Don’t just stand out there like a dummy. They are like dummies in the NBA right now. We are going to the gym and jack up a lot of threes. We win, it’s great, we don’t; we just need to make more threes.

Charles Barkley, via Inside the NBA

Even though Barkley often says things he doesn’t think through a lot, this time, you can’t deny that he is right about the current status of the league. It’s so focused on shooting that the game frequently looks one sided with teams jacking up shots one after the other, which is almost unwatchable at times. It’s inefficient, but it’s a game plan coaches are ok with, and we’ll have to accept that we’re living in an era where that is entirely normal. Whether that will change or not remains to be seen. Maybe it will happen if we’ll have more dominant big men like Jokic and Embiid, which would inherently change the focus and the trend on what makes the team successful in the NBA.