CHARLES BARKLEY COMES TO JERRY KRAUSE DEFENSE after he was negatively portrayed in the media for breaking up the Bulls: “That thing was orchestrated by Jerry Reinsdorf”

The latest documentary, ‘The Last Dance,’ is an excellent piece of basketball content because it gave us more insight into the dynamic, relationships, and team chemistry of one of the most popular teams in sports history. So far, the four episodes show that the Chicago Bulls organization was, to a certain degree, divided between the players and the front office where Jerry Krause had all the decision making powers.

There were a lot of problems with the contracts of some players, predominantly Scottie Pippen, but also some other players who eventually left the Bulls like Horace Grant. We previously wrote about all the great things Krause did when building a championship team for the Bulls. Still, the notion around the media and the fans is that Jerry Krause was the primary person to blame for breaking up the team after the 1997/98 season was over.

Charles Barkley made a guest appearance on ‘Dan Patrick Show’ and came to Jerry Krause’s defense, saying team owner Jerry Reinsdorf orchestrated everything. Barkley noted that Reinsdorf used every opportunity he could to save money, especially when it came to renewing contracts for players who were becoming free agents.

“He didn’t take them apart, and everybody who thinks that is a fool. That thing was orchestrated by Jerry Reinsdorf. The notion that that little man broke up the Bulls is asinine and absurd. If you got back and used common sense, Jerry Reinsdorf broke up the Bulls because he didn’t want to pay anybody. He let Horace Grant go because he became a free agent and didn’t want to pay him. They probably won’t talk about that in the documentary because he let him go to Orlando.”

Charles Barkley, Dan Patrick Show

When Michael Jordan came back from his first retirement, he was playing for the Bulls for a bit less than $4 million per season, which was a great deal for the management of the team. After having a historic regular season and winning the NBA championship, Bulls’ owner had to do everything he could to make Jordan happy, which landed him a contract worth $63 million for two seasons. According to Barkley, Reinsdorf had to pay Mike for those two years significantly much than everyone else. On top of that, Krause was portrayed in a negative context because it was Reinsdorf who approved every business decision the team made, which eventually led to most players leaving the Bulls after that season was over.

“He only paid Michael the last two years. When he had Michael at a bargain, he was happy, so he didn’t want to pay Michael. He paid him those last two years, and he had Scottie on a ‘great deal’. That is the reason he broke up the Bulls, strictly because of money. Trying to make Jerry Krause be the bad guy I thought that was really disingenuous by Jerry Reinsdorf.”

Charles Barkley, Dan Patrick Show

We’ll see if the upcoming episodes share more information about the relationship between the team and Jerry Krause and Reinsdorf. Unfortunately, Krause died in 2017, so he couldn’t share his side of the story, to see who’s fault was it for breaking a team that won three straight championships and was truly one of a kind dynasty in NBA history.