CHARLES BARKLEY COMES TO ISIAH THOMAS DEFENSE: “I thought some of the stuff that happened to Isiah last week was disrespectful”

The last couple of episodes of ‘The Last Dance‘, gave the fans a better insight into the relationship between Isiah Thomas and Michael Jordan at the beginning of the ’90s. Thomas was a member of the Detroit Pistons, a two-time NBA champions who were one of Chicago Bulls‘ biggest rivals at that time. When Jordan and the Bulls finally defeated the Pistons in the ECF in 1991, Thomas and his teammates sparked a lot of controversies when they left the court early and didn’t congratulate the Bulls on their victory.

It was Thomas who initiated that idea, which resulted in a lot of bad PR toward him and the rest of the Pistons. That was something that stuck until this day, and the documentary reinitiated this topic that brought a lot of criticism toward Thomas, mainly from Jordan himself. In a recent episode on ESPN’s show ‘Get Up,’ Charles Barkley came to Thomas’s defense, saying he is not such a bad guy that everyone portrayed him to be in the last couple of weeks.

“I felt bad for Isiah Thomas to be honest with you because I worked with him and I like him a lot. I thought some of the conversations were disrespectful to Isiah. Isiah and the Bad Boys are one of the best teams to ever do it.”

Charles Barkley, via Get Up

Barkley was furious that various media news outlets shared only the bad things Thomas did, and even though he agrees, he should have done differently during the 91 ECF. There were a lot of insinuations that because of his bad relationship with several members from the ‘Dream Team’, they didn’t want to have him on the team. According to Barkley, none of the players explicitly said they didn’t want Thomas on as their teammate, and he believes Thomas should have been a member of that team.

“I was mad last week how different news outlets tried to make Isiah be a bad guy. He made a mistake not shaking Michael Jordan’s hand, but after that, he should have been on the Dream Team.”

Charles Barkley, via Get Up

Barkley also said there was too much disrespect toward Thomas and said he considers him and John Stockton the best pure point guards in NBA history. Thomas often gets forgotten when it comes to the conversation for the best point guards in league history, and Barkley believes that’s unfair because he did beat several great teams and great players on his way to two straight NBA championships.

“I thought some of the stuff that happened to Isiah last week was disrespectful because he’s the greatest ‘pure’ point guard ever, him and John Stockton. Magic is the greatest point guard ever, but he’s a freak of nature. But Isiah and Stockton are the two best ‘pure’ – when I say ‘pure’, I mean little guys – to play the PG position. They’re the best to ever do it.”

Charles Barkley, via Get Up