Charles Barkley calls the Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers ‘Bubble Gangsters’

Charles Barkley calls the Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers ‘Bubble Gangsters’

Charles Barkley recently made a guest appearance on the ‘The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz’, where he called the Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers‘ Bubble gangsters. Barkley is always speaking his mind no matter what it is, and he implied the bubble experiment wasn’t real basketball in that environment. For Barkley, those NBA finals shouldn’t have even counted.

“That bubble basketball. It was a bunch of bubble gangsters. That don’t count. Bubble gangsters don’t count.” “I’m not counting the bubble.”


According to Sidelinesources, Barkley is not the only one who thinks that way, with many fans questioning the bubble experiment and how things were organized from a basketball standpoint. The Lakers beat the Heat 4-2 in the series, and at a lot of time, it seemed those two teams got used to the bubble more than all the other title contenders.

It was a specific environment in which some teams benefited while others didn’t. The Heat and Lakers came out on top, and to be completely honest, they had the least time to recover from the season compared to other teams. That was probably one reason both teams underperformed this entire season, especially in the playoffs, where it seemed they didn’t have enough energy to repeat the same success.

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