Charles Barkley blasts the Bucks after a disappointing loss: ‘They should be embarrassed.’

Charles Barkley blasts the Bucks after a disappointing loss: ‘They should be embarrassed.’

The Milwaukee Bucks got humiliated in game 2 against the Brooklyn Nets, losing the game by 39 points even though they were losing by 49 points at one point in the game. None of the Bucks players came to play tonight while the Nets were clicking on all cylinders, with every Nets player stepping up big time. In the first two games, the Bucks haven’t proved they are a championship contender and are already facing harsh criticism for their lack of ability to challenge the Nets.

After the game, Charles Barkley talked about the Bucks, saying he was disappointed in this series because he expected more from the Bucks. Barkley said their approach was disappointing, and it seemed like they had no game plan or any solution for the Nets and their offense.

The Bucks have straight panic, and they are getting punched in the mouth; they have no answers. They are in shock right now, and they should be embarrassed. They are not playing with energy, effort. It’s like anybody who is open is shooting. They have no game plan, and they just should be flat-out embarrassed. We got fooled because we thought it would be a great series, and it may turn to be, but these first two games, you are telling me these guys don’t have James Harden, and y’all are down 20+ points? This is ridiculous, plain and simple.

Charles Barkley, via NBA on TNT

Barkley made a good point saying this series should have been more exciting, especially when you consider James Harden is missing with a hamstring injury. The Bucks will have to do a lot of soul searching before game 3 in Milwaukee because, at the moment, it looks like the Nets are a more dominant team in every possible way. It’s time for everyone on the Bucks to step up or face a sweep, which will definitely cause many turmoils within the team.

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