Channing Frye doesn’t feel sorry for LeBron or the Lakers if they miss the playoffs

Channing Frye doesn’t feel sorry for LeBron or the Lakers if they miss the playoffs

The Los Angeles Lakers have had a disappointing season so far even though they landed LeBron James this summer and most of their young core is more experienced than they were without James. Lakers are also a more rounded team this season with a good mix of young talented players and savvy veterans. Because of these reasons the expectations were set high for LeBron’s new team since the start of this season.

The end of the regular season is near and their chances of getting into the playoffs are slim. They missed out on a couple of opportunities in games in which they should have won but didn’t and it’s fair to say they’ve been strugling with injures the entire season.

Channing Frye who was LeBron’s former teammate in the Cleveland Cavaliers said he feels no sympathy for LeBron and the fact this will be his first season in many years he will most likely miss the playoffs. Frye also said he thinks this will also give LeBron a great opportunity to get back to proper health and work on his game more if he wants to make something more significant next season with the Lakers.

“If we’re not making the playoffs I don’t give a s— what happens. How do you think it sits with us? Of course, it sucks. Well, guess what (Los Angeles)? Next time go win some more games. I don’t feel bad for him. I’m not like, ‘Oh, poor Bron. He’s not making the playoffs.’

“I’m the kid that takes his ball home when he loses. That’s what it is. You ask me about anybody else. Phoenix? Bye. Us? Bye. New York? Bye. It’s alright. Bron will be alright. Longer summer. Work on your game. I don’t know what more he can work on. Jesus Christ, the guy is a passer and he just passed Michael Jordan in scoring,” Frye said. “Maybe work on his body. He’s definitely going to work on his tan living in L.A.”