[VIDEO] Tom Chambers’ Monster Throw Down on Mark Jackson

[VIDEO] Tom Chambers’ Monster Throw Down on Mark Jackson

Today we’ll be revisiting one of the most thunderous dunks of all-time — Tom Chambers on Mark Jackson.

Tom Chambers had a great NBA career but was a very underrated player during his era. I would argue he is underrated and overlooked nowadays as well. Chambers was mostly known for his high-flying dunks but he did a lot more to help his team.

Though he never won a championship, he was still an excellent player. Tom averaged 18 points and 6 rebounds per game throughout his NBA career.

Tom Chambers is a 4-time All-Star.

His first All-Star season was while playing for the Seattle SuperSonics during the 86-87 season when he averaged 23.3 points, 6.6 rebounds, and 3 assists per game. Chambers continued with phenomenal play in Phoenix, where he recorded 3 consecutive All-Star seasons in ’89, ’90, and ’91. He averaged 25.7, 27.2, and 19.9 points per game respectively.

Chambers was named MVP of the 1987 All-Star game, he also participated in the Slam Dunk Contest that year. Tom Chambers was an extremely talented and successful player by any measure and therefore he should be getting more recognition. Ultimately, that is mainly why I wanted to share this amazing dunk with you.

Mark Jackson later argued that it was an obvious charge, but you be the judge for yourself 🙂