Caruso and Green have a “passed the drug test” handshake

Caruso and Green have a “passed the drug test” handshake

Alex Caruso and Danny Green were randomly drug tested this season – the keyword being random. The fact that Caruso got tested days after a photoshopped image of him looking like John Cena’s gym buddy lit NBA social media on fire and Green getting tested after a dunk has nothing to do with it.

The NBA made sure to let us know that an independent partner does drug testing and that the league has no impact on who gets tested and why. Don’t get me wrong; I have no problem with someone noticing that a player is maybe overperforming and deciding to check if he’s been juicing. That’s just good police work. If nothing else, the NBA’s drug testing policy is too soft.

Both Caruso and Green had their “random” drug tests and passed them with flying colors. To commemorate their bond, and in no way ridicule the randomness of the test, they developed a new handshake. Check it out.

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"Gotta keep the juices flowing" 🤣

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When it comes to all those elaborate handshakes we get to see around the NBA; I am not a fan. That being said, this one is amazing. Low key, has a comedy element to – what more could we ask. Now, all we need is a catchy name for them – the HGHomies?