Carmelo to sign with the Blazers

Carmelo to sign with the Blazers

Carmelo Anthony will get his shot. After being exposed by the Utah Jazz in the playoffs while playing for OKC two seasons ago, and a short episode with the Rockets that abruptly ended Melo was looking for his shot to prove he can still play in the NBA.

He had a press tour in august explaining what went wrong and letting everyone know he understands his position in the modern NBA. No more dribbling the ball on the elbow and taking a mid-range shot. Who else than Woj let us know he will get a chance to prove that statement.

The Blazers have been in a tough spot. Damian Lillard has been playing out of his mind, but with CJ being up and down and having to play Hezonja heavy minutes at power forward they are desperate for a change. They rank 27th in points per game (36.3), tied for 28th in assists per game (5.5) and last in field goal percentage (39%).

When asked about load management, CJ McCollum said they can only “Kawhi their way out of the playoffs.” There is no time to get things going in the west and the Blazers need something ASAP. They hope Carmelo can be that spark that ignites the team.

Anthony will join the team on their upcoming six-game road trip, which starts Saturday against San Antonio.