Carmelo Anthony’s trainer says he is better than 70 percent of players in the NBA

Carmelo Anthony’s trainer says he is better than 70 percent of players in the NBA

Carmelo Anthony is still a free agent for the upcoming season and it seems not many teams are actually interested in signing him. According to his trainer that is unfair because he believes Carmelo is still better than 70 percent of players currently playing in the NBA. Whether that statement is true or not, there is obviously a good reason why teams are not showing interest in Carmelo’s services.

Chris Brickley who is Carmelo’s personal basketball trainer for years now hosted on a Power 105’s show The Breakfast Club and said he truly believes Carmelo still has the potential to be apart of the NBA and actively play for a reasonable amount of minutes on almost any team in the league.

“He’s easily better than 60 percent, 70 percent of the NBA players walking around.”

According to Brickley, Carmelo just wants the same type of farewell season as the one Dwyane Wade had last season. He is also not interested in stealing someone’s starting position in the lineup but playing NBA basketball for one more season until he finally retires.

“It’s just that teams are afraid of ‘I want to be a starter.’ It’s not the case. Melo just wants to have a farewell season, do what D-Wade did. Have a jersey swap. He had a great career, he’s a Hall of Famer. So hopefully that could happen.”

Carmelo Anthony hasn’t played in an official NBA game since November 8, 2018, in a game against his former team, the Oklahoma City Thunder.

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Hey @lala , you kept it the realist with your post this morning ? “No Matter how much you’ve been “blamed” “overlooked” “underestimated” “scapegoated” “blame it on Melo”, etc, etc! You’ve ALWAYS stayed solid. You’ve never lashed out. You’ve never even spoken a single bad word. (That’s a fact) You stay humble. You stay in the gym 24/7.” – La ◾️ On top of that, you believed in me & no words could express how thankful I am. My big brother!! I’ll go to bat for you in any situation! Not to mention, you one of the best scorers the NBA has ever seen! First Ballot Hall of Famer & a ?. Let’s keep grinding so you can finish this off the right way ? Happy Birthday @carmeloanthony #geminiseason

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