Carmelo Anthony shares what was the biggest reason why he didn’t join LeBron and Wade in Miami back in 2010

Carmelo Anthony shares what was the biggest reason why he didn’t join LeBron and Wade in Miami back in 2010

On today’s ESPN show First Take with Stephen A. Smith, Carmelo Anthony talked about a lot of topics and one of them was the potential deal that would enable Carmelo to join LeBron James and Dwyane Wade in Miami back in 2010.

Carmelo Anthony said the biggest problem at that time was his immaturity and the business side of basketball. He wasn’t ready to leave the money that a long term deal would guarantee him in comparison to a short term deal that was an option from the Heat organization. Carmelo also didn’t want to leave Denver but in the end, he wasn’t convinced the organization was going in the right direction.

“Immaturity and growth from that situation. From a business standpoint, not understanding where the game was going in that particular time. I was still having this street mentality that I am not leaving money on the table. I loved Denver, I wanted to be in Denver and I wasn’t ready to leave Denver.”

In an interview, he also admitted he wasn’t ready to accept less money simply because he felt like he was uneducated about the business side of the NBA. The Miami Heat were offering him a three-year deal and he said he had a conversation with LeBron and Wade about taking that deal and seeing what happens afterward.

“Take the three-year deal and let’s see what happens. At that point in time, I was so naive and I didn’t know the business of basketball back then. I didn’t know what it meant to take a three-year deal to oppose to a five-year deal. I am not leaving two years worth of this money on a table and I want to be here.”

Carmelo said he had several conversations with LeBron and Wade about the possibility of joining the Heat. All of them enjoyed playing together on the same team for Team USA and that is where the initial idea of them potentially joining forces was at its initial start. Unfortunately for Carmelo, it was just an idea he wasn’t willing to accept under those terms, which was probably the best chance for him winning a championship.

“Honestly we didn’t know will happen. It was just conversations at that point in time. We all wanted to play with each other. We didn’t know that will come into fruition and we didn’t know how will that happen at that point in time when they bought that to me it was just an idea.”