Carmelo Anthony shares his disappointment after the Nuggets fans booed him

Carmelo Anthony shares his disappointment after the Nuggets fans booed him

The Portland Trailblazers came up with a dominant 123-109 win over the Denver Nuggets in their first game in the playoffs. Damian Lillard was the driving force for the Blazers dropping 34 points and 13 assists, but some of the crucial points and a significant contribution came from Carmelo Anthony.

Carmelo finished the game with 18 points shooting efficiently from the field, providing the Blazers that much-needed scoring effort from the bench. However, his performance didn’t sit well with the Nuggets fans who constantly booed Carmelo. After the game in the press conference, you could feel his disappointment with the way fans received him and treated him during the game.

“What else can they do? I don’t know what it is. I gave my all here for 7.5 years. I’ve never said anything bad about Denver, about fans, the organization, players. I never complained. I took everything on the chin even when it wasn’t my fault.”

Carmelo Anthony, via Michael Scotto

Carmelo spent 7 years with the Denver Nuggets, and that was when he was considered one of the best players in the NBA. Carmelo was a vital piece during their run in 2009 when they made it to the WCF against the Lakers, but afterward, things got heated between the Nuggets and Carmelo, and they traded him to the Knicks. Surprisingly, he was bothered by the fans’ booing because he left the franchise a long time ago, and they are in the playoffs with fans showing support in any way they can to help their ball club win. Carmelo should understand that better than anyone because he is not the first player to receive that type of treatment from the fans who worshiped him before.