Carmelo Anthony is waiting for the Lakers to call

Carmelo Anthony is waiting for the Lakers to call

Free Agency is around the corner, and rumors and speculation around the league have slowly begun making waves in the NBA world. One of the first teams to make a huge move were the Los Angeles Lakers, engaging in a blockbuster trade that got them Russell Westbrook. LeBron and AD got their third star and much-needed help in order to return to the top after getting disappointingly bounced out in the first round last season.

The star power and flare are there, as the Lakers will be a must-watch team next year, but it didn’t take long for questions and concerns about the team to arise. Primarily the question of how these three studs will fit together, considering their playstyles. The Lakers already struggled with outside shooting, and adding Westbrook, a 31.5% shooter from deep last season, won’t help. Too many lane penetrators without outside shooting could shrink the floor and allow teams to defend them easily, forcing Lebron and Westbrook to shoot their team out of the game. Also, they sent out three of their key role guys to Washington in order to get Westbrook, leaving their depth and bench weaker than ever. So what is the solution?

Well, considering their cap situation and pattern LeBron’s super-teams usually follow, the Lakers will try to fill the team with experienced shooters on veteran minimums to stretch the floor and give them some depth. A lot of names have already been rumored to be targeted, in the likes of Wayne Ellington, Trevor Ariza, and Andre Iguodala. But one of the more interesting names in the mix is most definitely Carmelo Anthony.

After playing just 10 games in the 2018-2019 season and getting cut for the whole season, Carmelo was one foot outside of the league. But the Blazers took a chance on him and gave him an opportunity for the past two seasons. Although he is the shade of the player he used to be, Carmelo proved he still has a place in this league as a valuable starter or player of the bench, providing scoring and shooting, characteristics that are much needed in today’s NBA.

Last season Carmelo averaged 13.4 ppg and 3.1 rpg while shooting an efficient 40.9% from three-point land and coming off the bench. His contract with the Blazers is up, and it seems Anthony has set his eyes on joining Lebron on the Lakers. The two good friends have been linked together numerous times throughout their careers, but this seems like the most realistic chance of the pair finally playing together.

According to Brad Turner of the Los Angeles Times, Carmelo is just waiting for the call from the Lakers, as this will be the perfect chance to live in LA, contend for a championship, and play with one of his best friends. From the Lakers’ side, the signing makes sense if they agree on a realistic price, as Carmelo will fit in seamlessly and provide that much-needed outside shooting and depth for a top-heavy team as of now.