Carmelo Anthony is at that stage of his career he needs to do the same thing Vince Carter did back in the day

Carmelo Anthony is at that stage of his career he needs to do the same thing Vince Carter did back in the day

This year’s free agency is without a doubt one of the most intense and interesting in the whole NBA history with numerous players and All-Stars changing teams. Unfortunately for some of these players, teams haven’t shown much interest and one of these players is the future Hall of Famer Carmelo Anthony who is still waiting to find a team for the upcoming season.

Despite the fact he is one of the best pure scorers in NBA history, teams are reluctant to sign Carmelo who often showed lack of interest playing defense and sometimes his shot selection wasn’t so great, especially if he decides to play iso ball against other defenders. Nevertheless, his skill set and the ability to score the ball is something every team can use and it’s perhaps time for Carmelo to accept the role of a bench player.

Carmelo has the possibility to transform himself into a solid role player coming off the bench who can provide instant scoring and help several teams who are aiming for a championship next season. He should reinvent himself the same way Vince Carter did when he reached the same age and accept the fact he can no longer be the main star on a team willing to win a championship in the NBA.

Vince Carter who was a star in the league for a full decade was intelligent enough to realize he needs to accept a different role if he wants to stay in the NBA.  He signed a deal with Dallas Mavericks back in 2011 and accepted a lesser role that actually helped his longevity in the league as well.

At the age of 35, Carmelo needs to realize he is no longer a player that can take a team to the playoffs by himself, however, within a well-rounded system, Carmelo’s shooting ability would come in as a major benefit especially now that a lot of teams play small ball and rely heavily on shooting the ball.

The example of Vince Carter changing his role within a team is great because it shows the willingness of a former star accepting the fact he can contribute in a different way and still be successful and respected around the league. It’s time for Carmelo to have the same kind of epiphany because it will be a sign of good faith and teams might actually offer him a contract and use his skill set and experience on a nightly basis.

If this change in his mindset doesn’t happen, we might never see Carmelo in an NBA uniform ever again, which would be a shame because he definitely has 2-3 more quality years left in his tank which he proved in his last season while playing for the Houston Rockets.