Can Magic stop lying?

Can Magic stop lying?

He did it again! Not sure if he knows he did it – someone who was beloved for so long and pampered since he came to the NBA probably believes he didn’t do it. But, Magic got on First Take and lied. Again.

It didn’t take long for the Lakers to respond. Mostly because he timed his appearance on the day they were introducing Frank Vogel as a new coach. Don’t forget, Magic loves the Lakers. You know it’s true because he said so.

Magic’s main narrative is that Rob Pelinka was backstabbing him around the continental USA. He didn’t just hear rumors from people in the organization, but even his friends outside of basketball called to tell him Pelinka’s been talking how he isn’t working hard enough and wasn’t around the office.

Before saying that, he preemptively told Stephen A, Max and Molly that he told Jeanie he will continue managing his business and it will limit his hours with the team. I guess that means he wasn’t irresponsible because he took the job with saying “oh yeah, I’m gonna half-ass it, cool?”

Jeanie accepting such a concept says a lot about her leadership and managing skills, but let’s leave that for another day. What we did find out is that Jeanie checked in on Magic several times in the days before his resignation and he never mentioned a thing. (via Ramona Shelburne, ESPN)

Buss had questioned Johnson several times in the wake of his public resignation, asking him if there were any issues with Pelinka or anyone else in the organization. They spoke on the phone for hours. They went to a private dinner at Wally’s in Beverly Hills on May 2. Multiple Lakers sources told ESPN that each time, Johnson said nothing beyond what he’d said on April 9 — that he didn’t feel like he could be Magic in this role and wanted his freedom back.

Maybe he doesn’t think its a lie. People can rationalize their behavior in many ways. But make no mistake, if people ask you and you say everything is cool, then you go on public TV and resign because it seems nothing was cool – that means you were lying.

Either to us, the public or to Jeanie, your sister. Who’s opinion does Magic care more about? Actions speak louder than words,