Cade Cunningham explained why he compares himself to Luka Dončić

Cade Cunningham explained why he compares himself to Luka Dončić

The 2021 NBA Draft is projected to feature a pretty promising class, as there are a handful of names that can potentially be great players in the league. But even though we have a few promising talents, one name has been the consensus number one pick option for some time now, and that is Cade Cunningham.

The freshman point guard balled out in his season with the Oklahoma State Cowboys, proving the hype built around him in high school was well-deserved. Cade finished the year averaging 20.1ppg, 6.2rpg, 3.5 apg, and 1.6spg on 43.8% from the field and 40% from three-point land. At 6’8”, Cade has excellent size and psychical attributes for the point guard position, allowing him to be dangerous in every aspect of the game.

With his size and skills, it’s hard to find a weakness in Cade’s game. When you try to look for an NBA comparison, one name is mentioned the most: another young star, Luka Dončić of the Dallas Mavericks. As Cade is getting ready for the NBA Draft, he joined Luka’s teammate in Dallas, JJ Reddick, on his podcast and talked about why he himself compares his game to Luka’s:

“I feel our body types resemble each other the most like who I look like in the NBA, and you know his role. He’s a primary ball-handler; he’s the one making the plays, so that’s why I say Luka, a bunch. I mean, it’s weird now because me and Luka are so close in age, and I’ve never just been the type of guy that be like: ‘Yeah, that’s the guy I’m like.‘ Now I feel it’s kinda go blown out of something that I wanted to be because soon I will be playing against Luka…But his game, he is shooting the deep three, and I feel like there is a lot of things we do that are pretty similar, and the way we just approach the game is pretty similar. Yeah, he’s big-time for sure!”

Cade Cunningham, The Old Man and The Three

Cade is from Dallas and a life-long Mavericks fan, so it is no surprise he modeled some of his game after Luka, watching him closely for the last few years. We can definitely see the similarities as both of them are big guards capable of shooting from deep and scoring inside, all while running the offense. If Cade gets anywhere close to the level of player Luka has become, any team that picks him will be over the moon. The Rockets, Thunder, Pistons, Magic, and many more teams would welcome the addition of a potential new franchise point guard. We can’t wait to see Cade in action next season.

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