Cade Cunningham calls LeBron the GOAT over MJ

Cade Cunningham calls LeBron the GOAT over MJ

The MJ-LeBron GOAT debate is by far the most heated, controversial, and repetitive argument in the NBA world. Every single fan, analyst, coach, current and former player has their opinion on the topic and case for their guy being the best. MJ used to be the consensus GOAT, but with the arrival of younger generations in the NBA, the scale has slowly started to balance out.

In the past few years, players coming into the NBA grew up watching LeBron dominate, and the effect is being felt. One of the biggest talents we have in today’s NBA and the #1 pick of this year’s draft, Cade Cunningham, weighed in his opinion on the GOAT debate on an episode of “Da Windy City,” ruffling some feathers by saying he prefers LeBron over Jordan.

Like always, hardcore MJ fans came to Jordan’s defense and bashed the rookie. But you can’t hate Cade for stating his opinion, as he simply voiced his thoughts without any disrespect towards MJ. He even added that he wouldn’t argue with anyone with a different view but ultimately concluded LeBron’s the best ever in his eyes. You can’t fault him for that, as it’s perfectly understandable that a 19-year old kid would consider LeBron the GOAT. After all, “The King” has been the face of the NBA for the better part of Cade’s life.

The fact you can see some similarities in their games probably also impacts his decision, as both LeBron and Cade are unique talents. Being great distributors and ball handlers for their size at 6’8” allows them to control the game and dominate. LeBron has lived up to the hype of being an #1 pick, but now it’s Cade’s turn. He has a great opportunity in Detroit to revitalize that franchise and become the face of the Pistons.

Cade showed flashes in just three games at the Summer League, averaging 18.6 ppg, 5.6 rpg, and 2.3 apg, while shooting 50% from deep. A tiny sample size, but it’s certainly looking like Cade could bring life to Detroit again-just like his idol LeBron did in Cleveland 18 years ago.