C. Webb compares Curry’s impact on the game to Michael Jordan

C. Webb compares Curry’s impact on the game to Michael Jordan

The 2019-20 season made us almost forget about Stephen Curry and his Golden State Warriors, a team that has won 3 NBA championships since 2015. That is until Chris Webber reminded us of the unicorn that is Steph Curry on The Dan Patrick Show.

“I think Curry, just with his size, he shows that in this game, if you have the right skills, it doesn’t matter how tall you are… And what he’s doing I love because growing up an Isiah Thomas fan, growing up a fan of guards, [in my mind] he is just taking their [guards] game to another level. He has the freedom and skillset that they didn’t have and so I think we’re gonna see a lot more people emulating Curry, trying to turn around while the ball is in the air while shooting a three 45 feet [away] and seeing if it goes in.”

Chris Webber, The Dan Patrick Show

For a moment there, the Warriors were a virtually the perfect team that could only be stopped by playing impeccable basketball against them, and they were led by the same guy C. Webb just talking about. Curry’s style of play complemented by perfect teammates, all sharp-shooters turned the Warriors into a force to be reckoned with.

Only when injuries plagued them, the team out of the Bay would seem to have struggled, like the time Kevin Durant tore his Achilles and Klay Thompson suffered an ACL tear in the Finals series against the Toronto Raptors.

The season after that disappointing Finals loss, that nearly perfect Warriors fell apart and entered a rebuilding phase when their arguably best player Kevin Durant left for Brooklyn. Moreover, another key piece in Andre Igoudala departed as well.

The new Warriors young core was expected to under-perform at the beginning of the new season, but no one expected them to start off with miserable a 4-16 record. To make matter worse, in October 2019, the team’s franchise player, Steph Curry broke his hand and ended up playing just 5 out of a total of 65 games in the 2019-20 season.

The 2020-21 season is expected to have Curry and the new young Warrior core ready to try and make a title run, and as we just heard from C. Webb the game is all his. It’s going to exciting to see the return of Curry basketball and the introduction of the new Bay nucleus.