Butler Expects Maximum Contract “Wherever He Goes”

Butler Expects Maximum Contract “Wherever He Goes”

After the Playoff elimination of the Philadelphia 76ers against the Toronto Raptors, everything is focused on the offseason, even with Jimmy Butler, who can get out of his contract and become a free agent. The Swingman spoke at the press conference on Monday about his future.

Butler, just like Tobias Harris and J.J. Redick is becoming a Free Agent, and the future of three out of five players in the Starting Five is still unclear.

At least Butler, Harris, and Redick want to stay in Philly, even if that can be very expensive. Restrictions are, after all, hardly available: at Butler and Harris Philly has the full Bird rights, the two forwards could theoretically be offered with the full Max contracts, without paying attention to the cap. With Redick, the situation is only slightly more complicated.

Since the “sniper” came to the Sixers two years ago, not as a trade, but as a free agent, the Sixers have “only” Early Bird Rights for him, which means that, irrespective of any Cap Space, Philly could offer either 105 percent of the League Average salary in the previous year or 175 percent of his previous year’s salary, which is always larger amount. Butler came just like Harris during the season by trade and should be expensive. How expensive, he hinted on Monday.

“Technically, I believe, and I’m knocking on wood, that I get a maximum contract wherever I want to go,” said Butler. “When it comes to a four- or five-year contract, that’s more than enough money anyway, and I think I have enough money from my first contract now.”

Jimmy Butler praises 76ers fans

The maximum amount and term that Philadelphia Butler could offer is $190 million over five years. All other teams can only offer the 29-year-old a four-year contract. Whatever his preference, Butler did not say so, but he praised the fans he enjoyed during his time at the Sixers.

“As long as you play hard, you love the city, and as long as you give everything you do everything you ask for,” said Butler. “It was definitely fun to meet and interact with the fans, and the people in the organization are all absolutely amazing.”

In addition to the Sixers is also said to have the New York Knicks, the Brooklyn Nets and the L. A. Clippers interest in Butler. In the playoffs, he put on for the Sixers 19.4 points on average.