Bucks said no to Steph Curry

Bucks said no to Steph Curry

Kobe to Detroit/Chicago, Chris Paul to the Lakers, Klay for Love, a million picks for Justice Winslow on draft day – these are some of the biggest “what if” trades that never happened. We have a contender for the top spot.

In an interview with Frank Isola from The Athletic, Bucks co-owner Mark Lasry commented on Joe Lacob’s “lights year ahead” statement. You may not remember it, all the owners do. In March 2016 Lacob gave an interview to The New York Times talking about the Warriors success. Just to remind you, they had just won a title the year before and were on the chase for the Bulls single-season wins record. Then Lacob said this (via NYT):

We’ve crushed them on the basketball court, and we’re going to for years because of the way we’ve built this team. We’re light-years ahead of probably every other team in structure, in planning, in how we’re going to go about things. We’re going to be a handful for the rest of the N.B.A. to deal with for a long time.

This immediately became the main talking point in the NBA. Team owners are all extremely successful people. A majority of them billionaires, they are not the kind of people who spend a lot of their time around people who are more successful then them. So when such characters hear someone thinks they are “light years ahead”, especially in the management part of running a basketball team, that isn’t something people forget. Many people believe this created bad karma that led to the Cavs overturning a 3 – 1 deficit in the Finals.

“I don’t know if they can be light years ahead if they traded Steph Curry to the Bucks for Andrew Bogut,” Lasry says of a proposed trade before he purchased the Bucks, which has been reported as both fact and urban legend. “That was the deal. But the Bucks’ medical staff didn’t think Steph’s ankle would hold up. That killed the deal. So, I don’t know if that’s being light years. It’s luck. And that’s fine.”

Gotta love billionaires, almost three years later and he is still salty about Lacob. Another proof they are human as we are. Except he lives in New York and flies on a private jet for every Bucks home game. That saltiness provides us with some inside info on one of the biggest trade flops in recent history.

This goes to show how important all staff decisions are. A medical team’s decision changed the course of NBA history. It’s insane to try to project the parallel universe in which Curry becomes a Buck, but we for sure know there is no Splash Brothers, maybe KD stays in OKC and wins a title, LeBron has a much easier path to a few more titles and then we have a thousand new “LeBron vs MJ” discussions.

To answer your question, yes they fired the entire medical staff when the purchased the Bucks.