Bucks fined for tampering with Giannis???

Bucks fined for tampering with Giannis???

It already started. It’s only been a few days since commissioner Adam Silver announced the new tampering fines that can go up to $10 million and cost teams draft picks. The new system involves random audits of 5 teams and requires all team officials to save their communications for at least a year. Today we learned the Milwaukee Bucks have been fined $50.000 for tampering with Giannis. 

“The fine is in response to a public statement made recently by General Manager Jon Horst during a televised team event that Giannis Antetokounmpo ‘will be offered a supermax extension.‘”

Our prediction and interpretation of the updated tampering policy are proving correct – just don’t be so public about it. Everyone knows the Bucks will offer Giannis the supermax as soon as possible. They can tell him that any day they see him in the practice facility or in team events. Tampering with your player is impossible to police. The issue here was the televised team event.

$50.000 is peanuts to Bucks owners, and the league knows that. This is more a show of vigilance from the League Office that they mean business and are monitoring closely everything teams do.

This fine is an intro for what will become the most speculated story this season. Giannis’ position this season is the same as Anthony Davis’ last season – if he doesn’t commit to the Bucks, do you consider trading him? The CBA changes that were supposed to help the team that drafted the player to keep him just moved the timeline up. 

Giannis always expressed his affection for Milwaukee and his desire to stay there and win a title with the Bucks. But, all players say that and then they lose a few times in the playoffs – things change. The Bucks are quite locked into their team, and if Giannis decides the roster isn’t good enough to win, anything is possible.